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Save As Image is a little-known Firefox plugin/extension which is very, very useful. Last time I checked, there’s only 27 webpages pointing to it. But if you’re a web designer / developer, you’ll be able to save precious time by using this small plugin.

Part of your work as web designer / developer is to take screenshots of website and then present it to your client as mock-up, or to quickly point out errors, etc. But most of the time, the website won’t fit on your computer screen.

Usually you’ll take a screenshot, scroll down a bit, take another screenshot, scroll down again, and so on. At the end, you’ll have to stitch the screenshots together into a single file.

No more such hassle with this plugin. Just install, and then you’ll be able to generate the whole webpage screenshot in a snap.

For Firefox 1.5.x users, you can download the plugin from here.

12 thoughts on “Firefox: Save As Image

  1. Nice one.
    This is very useful plugin even I am not web designer at all. 🙂

  2. wah, gak kompatibel dengan firefox versi terakhir (versi mas harry.

    mau aku kirim attachmentnya, gak tahu email mas harry…

  3. That is handy to know, although I use SNAGIT,excellent at grabbing the full web page. I also work at designing web page with no scrolling, not always easy but do-able.

  4. Hi, Sounds cool, I am using SnagIt at the moment, but will give the plugin a go.


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