Bush’s Illegal Wars Creates More Terrorists Than Osama Could

Not only it costs American (and other nation’s – hello Britons) taxpayers TRILLIONS of US dollars, it failed to reach its objective; to destroy terrorists. Instead, it creates more terrorists than ever. At more places all over earth.

No wonder Osama keeps on hiding. He can sleep all day, and still there will be more terrorists out there than he can ever dream of creating.

One may be compelled to curse, “Stupid Bush”. But the problem is, Bush is not stupid.

Bush’s family & friends are richer than ever before.

Bush is a war criminal, guilty of illegal wars AND profiting from it. He should be hanged, drawn, and quartered.
But that still won’t be enough to bring back hundreds of thousands who have perished because of these illegal wars….

12 thoughts on “Bush’s Illegal Wars Creates More Terrorists Than Osama Could

  1. You should watch this documentary called WHY WE FIGHT. It addresses Eisenhower’s warning against INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY COMPLEX which at that time had the potential to change the world in a bad way. And his warning has never been obeyed by Americans. As a result, a complete destruction of the earth and humanity is happening as you know it. The parties responsible are: US CONGRESS + US MILITARY + DEFENSE CONTRACTORS

    US does not believe in the “way of life”. It now believes in the “way of war”. War is an industry that profits thousands of American workers and satisfies the shareholders of the Carlyle Corporation, Halliburton and alike.

    Eisenhower, an ex-General, was right and we failed to listen to what he had to say.

  2. Bush should have been tried as a war criminal. He knew there were no Weapons of Mass Distruction. He not only lied to the American people, he sent raids against a people who had done nothing wrong. And I am an American saying this!

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