A peek into a spammer’s operation ?

I just got this email in my mailbox. Basically, this guy asked me if I’m interested to deploy about 100 (up to 1000) people to manually input captcha pictures on the popular websites; such as Google,Yahoo, etc; so they can break about 400K captcha-protected forms per week.

The big question : if I’m this guy’s the target (google etc), how do I protect myself from these scammers?

The good news is, captcha has gotten to the point that it’s pretty hard to break with computers.
But the bad news, with these cheap labors, they can use humans to break it.

I think this means that we can’t only rely on one solution. Our solution will need to be robust.
A good example is Spam Karma 2; it protect WP using combinations of captcha, bayesian filter, blackhole list, and several other methods.

Here’s the copy of the email that I got from him :

Bisnis ini booming di India

Untuk buat google account, gmail account, etc. kita butuh untuk menulis captcha.

Nah ada orang yang mau bikin 400 K captcha seminggu.

Kalo satu orang tiap jam bisa bikin 500 captcha ya kita bakal butuh 50-100 orang plus mandor waktu jumlah pegawai sudah 1000 lebih.

Bisa juga dimulai dari kecil dulu.

Bayaran mungkin antara $.60-$.90 per hour.

Kalo berminat tolong email indodataentry@xxxxxx.com

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