F14 Tomcat made with K’nex

F14 Tomcat made with K’nex

Originally uploaded by hsufehmi

Mad props to my brother, Muhammad Syarif, for creating this. If you have played k’nex before, you knew that it’s not exactly as easy as Lego. Basically, more painful 🙂

# open/close cockpit
# swinging wings
# afterburners (just kidding)

31 thoughts on “F14 Tomcat made with K’nex

  1. Nice build! Yes, K’nex is pretty painful on the fingers after a long time, especially when wrenching connectors and rods apart.

  2. It seems like a design model for the plane. It is good to keep on designing that it might be useful someday. Sometimes a big design begins from the small one.

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  7. Is this supposed to be a joke or what? I can’t believe it is your brother who is behind the whole idea of F14 Tomcat with L’nex. Well the pat his shoulder for me because my kids like that a lot and it jogs their minds than watching TV.

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