Awas ! Virus bisa meludeskan Harta & Karir Anda !

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Ini kisah sedih Michael Fiola – suatu hari laptopnya kena virus, dan lalu jadi mengunduh foto-foto paedophilia (child pornography) secara otomatis, tanpa dia ketahui sama sekali.

Tiba-tiba dia menjadi tersangka penjahat. Dia dipecat dari pekerjaannya. Orang-orang tak dikenal menganggapnya pedofil dan menteror dia beserta keluarganya. Kawan-kawannya menjauh darinya.
Dan dia diseret ke pengadilan…..

Dia menghabiskan US$ 250.000 (sekitar Rp 2,5 milyar) untuk membela dirinya.
Tabungannya ludes. Mobilnya terpaksa dijual. Rumahnya tergadai di Bank.

11 bulan kemudian, baru ketahuan ternyata foto-foto porno tersebut ada di laptopnya karena virus. Michael Fiola TIDAK bersalah !

Tapi sudah terlambat.

Kehidupan keluarga Michael Fiola sudah berantakan. Hancur.

Kemarin kejadian serupa menimpa beberapa kawan saya.
Password ke account Emailnya dicuri virus. Tentu mereka jadi amat kaget dibuatnya. Ada yang jadi tidak bisa lagi mengakses emailnya. Semua arsip emailnya menjadi lenyap tidak berbekas.

Ini MUNGKIN bisa dihindari dengan memasang Anti-Virus + Firewall + Anti-Spyware + Anti-Trojan. Mungkin.
Setelah melakukan ini semua pun, tetap saja virus masih bisa masuk ke komputer Anda.

Atau, gunakan Linux di komputer Anda.

Berbeda dengan dulu, Kini Linux sudah sangat mudah kita gunakan. Anak saya sejak umur 3 tahun sudah biasa menggunakannya sehari-hari. Di rumah kami tidak ada lagi komputer yang kena virus. Saya bebas pusing. Dan semua pun senang karena tidak lagi diganggu virus / spyware.

Semoga kita semua bisa selamat dari fitnah di dunia maya ini, Amin.

Berita selengkapnya :

Of all the sinister things that Internet viruses do, this might be the worst: They can make you an unsuspecting collector of child pornography.

Heinous pictures and videos can be deposited on computers by viruses — the malicious programs better known for swiping your credit card numbers. In this twist, it’s your reputation that’s stolen.

Pedophiles can exploit virus-infected PCs to remotely store and view their stash without fear they’ll get caught. Pranksters or someone trying to frame you can tap viruses to make it appear that you surf illegal Web sites.

Whatever the motivation, you get child porn on your computer — and might not realize it until police knock at your door.

An Associated Press investigation found cases in which innocent people have been branded as pedophiles after their co-workers or loved ones stumbled upon child porn placed on a PC through a virus. It can cost victims hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove their innocence.

Their situations are complicated by the fact that actual pedophiles often blame viruses — a defense rightfully viewed with skepticism by law enforcement.

“It’s an example of the old `dog ate my homework’ excuse,” says Phil Malone, director of the Cyberlaw Clinic at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. “The problem is, sometimes the dog does eat your homework.”

The AP’s investigation included interviewing people who had been found with child porn on their computers. The AP reviewed court records and spoke to prosecutors, police and computer examiners.

One case involved Michael Fiola, a former investigator with the Massachusetts agency that oversees workers’ compensation.

In 2007, Fiola’s bosses became suspicious after the Internet bill for his state-issued laptop showed that he used 4 1/2 times more data than his colleagues. A technician found child porn in the PC folder that stores images viewed online.

Fiola was fired and charged with possession of child pornography, which carries up to five years in prison. He endured death threats, his car tires were slashed and he was shunned by friends.

Fiola and his wife fought the case, spending $250,000 on legal fees. They liquidated their savings, took a second mortgage and sold their car.

An inspection for his defense revealed the laptop was severely infected. It was programmed to visit as many as 40 child porn sites per minute — an inhuman feat. While Fiola and his wife were out to dinner one night, someone logged on to the computer and porn flowed in for an hour and a half.

Prosecutors performed another test and confirmed the defense findings. The charge was dropped — 11 months after it was filed.

The Fiolas say they have health problems from the stress of the case. They say they’ve talked to dozens of lawyers but can’t get one to sue the state, because of a cap on the amount they can recover.

“It ruined my life, my wife’s life and my family’s life,” he says.

The Massachusetts attorney general’s office, which charged Fiola, declined interview requests.

At any moment, about 20 million of the estimated 1 billion Internet-connected PCs worldwide are infected with viruses that could give hackers full control, according to security software maker F-Secure Corp. Computers often get infected when people open e-mail attachments from unknown sources or visit a malicious Web page.

Pedophiles can tap viruses in several ways. The simplest is to force someone else’s computer to surf child porn sites, collecting images along the way. Or a computer can be made into a warehouse for pictures and videos that can be viewed remotely when the PC is online.

“They’re kind of like locusts that descend on a cornfield: They eat up everything in sight and they move on to the next cornfield,” says Eric Goldman, academic director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University. Goldman has represented Web companies that discovered child pornographers were abusing their legitimate services.

But pedophiles need not be involved: Child porn can land on a computer in a sick prank or an attempt to frame the PC’s owner.

In the first publicly known cases of individuals being victimized, two men in the United Kingdom were cleared in 2003 after viruses were shown to have been responsible for the child porn on their PCs.

In one case, an infected e-mail or pop-up ad poisoned a defense contractor’s PC and downloaded the offensive pictures.

In the other, a virus changed the home page on a man’s Web browser to display child porn, a discovery made by his 7-year-old daughter. The man spent more than a week in jail and three months in a halfway house, and lost custody of his daughter.

Chris Watts, a computer examiner in Britain, says he helped clear a hotel manager whose co-workers found child porn on the PC they shared with him.

Watts found that while surfing the Internet for ways to play computer games without paying for them, the manager had visited a site for pirated software. It redirected visitors to child porn sites if they were inactive for a certain period.

In all these cases, the central evidence wasn’t in dispute: Pornography was on a computer. But proving how it got there was difficult.

Tami Loehrs, who inspected Fiola’s computer, recalls a case in Arizona in which a computer was so “extensively infected” that it would be “virtually impossible” to prove what an indictment alleged: that a 16-year-old who used the PC had uploaded child pornography to a Yahoo group.

Prosecutors dropped the charge and let the boy plead guilty to a separate crime that kept him out of jail, though they say they did it only because of his age and lack of a criminal record.

Many prosecutors say blaming a computer virus for child porn is a new version of an old ploy.

“We call it the SODDI defense: Some Other Dude Did It,” says James Anderson, a federal prosecutor in Wyoming.

However, forensic examiners say it would be hard for a pedophile to get away with his crime by using a bogus virus defense.

“I personally would feel more comfortable investing my retirement in the lottery before trying to defend myself with that,” says forensics specialist Jeff Fischbach.

Even careful child porn collectors tend to leave incriminating e-mails, DVDs or other clues. Virus defenses are no match for such evidence, says Damon King, trial attorney for the U.S. Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section.

But while the virus defense does not appear to be letting real pedophiles out of trouble, there have been cases in which forensic examiners insist that legitimate claims did not get completely aired.

Loehrs points to Ned Solon of Casper, Wyo., who is serving six years for child porn found in a folder used by a file-sharing program on his computer.

Solon admits he used the program to download video games and adult porn — but not child porn. So what could explain that material?

Loehrs testified that Solon’s antivirus software wasn’t working properly and appeared to have shut off for long stretches, a sign of an infection. She found no evidence the five child porn videos on Solon’s computer had been viewed or downloaded fully. The porn was in a folder the file-sharing program labeled as “incomplete” because the downloads were canceled or generated an error.

This defense was curtailed, however, when Loehrs ended her investigation in a dispute with the judge over her fees. Computer exams can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Defendants can ask the courts to pay, but sometimes judges balk at the price. Although Loehrs stopped working for Solon, she argues he is innocent.

“I don’t think it was him, I really don’t,” Loehrs says. “There was too much evidence that it wasn’t him.”

The prosecution’s forensics expert, Randy Huff, maintains that Solon’s antivirus software was working properly. And he says he ran other antivirus programs on the computer and didn’t find an infection — although security experts say antivirus scans frequently miss things.

“He actually had a very clean computer compared to some of the other cases I do,” Huff says.

The jury took two hours to convict Solon.

“Everybody feels they’re innocent in prison. Nobody believes me because that’s what everybody says,” says Solon, whose case is being appealed. “All I know is I did not do it. I never put the stuff on there. I never saw the stuff on there. I can only hope that someday the truth will come out.”

But can it? It can be impossible to tell with certainty how a file got onto a PC.

“Computers are not to be trusted,” says Jeremiah Grossman, founder of WhiteHat Security Inc. He describes it as “painfully simple” to get a computer to download something the owner doesn’t want — whether it’s a program that displays ads or one that stores illegal pictures.

It’s possible, Grossman says, that more illicit material is waiting to be discovered.

“Just because it’s there doesn’t mean the person intended for it to be there — whatever it is, child porn included.”

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  1. Di Indonesia gak akan terjadi seperti itu. Yang jelas-jelas buktinya nyata aja bisa bebas, apalagi cuma bukti di laptop. Pasti gak diakuin lah dipengadilan hehe

  2. wah virus komputer bisa sampai segitunya,,
    kok kl pake linux virus tidak bisa masuk knp?

  3. Sungguh pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan. Kejadian dan peristiwa yang pernah dialami siapapun dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi kita semua. Terima kasih atas informasi yang diberikan.

  4. waduuuh…. karena virus, harta, pekerjaan, kerabat bahkan keluarga jadi berantakan. Semoga kita ga mengalaminya.

  5. Meskipun kemungkinan masih ada celahnya virus masuk meskipun telah dipasang antivirus..Ga ada salahnya terus diupdate deh antivirusnya..Thanks atas infonya ya..Sangat bermanfaat.

  6. It can really affect your career and your life in return most especially if you are making money out of using your laptop or computer. I wonder why some people make that kind of harmful stuff.

  7. It’s true that there are fewer viruses for Linux and Mac, but I suppose we PC users have to be just that much more careful. It’s an unfortunate thing. Hope he managed to get that virus out alright!

  8. Memang kita ga akan pernah tahu apa yang akan terjadi. Saya rasa yang membuat virus tersebut juga tidak pernah menyangka imbasnya begitu besar.

    Dengan sedikit pengetahuan mengenai komputer, seharusnya hal seperti ini bisa teratasi. Saya sendiri menyaksikan rekan-rekan yang pintar bermain Internet tapi dasar komputer mereka, maaf, payah sekali.

    Alhasil, sembarang membuka berkas yang dikirim oleh “teman.” Baru saja kemarin membereskan virus di laptop teman, seminggu kemudian muncul lagi. Hihihi….

  9. Luar biasa virus ..!!! sebenarnya asal kita hati hati dan tidak pernah lihat situs porno, atau mencari keygen, software bajakan, kemungkinan kena virus bisa dikurangi,

  10. waduh, ampe sgtnya… kurang ajar yang bkin virus, mari tingkatkan proteksi PC kita, mugkin minimal pakai antivirus + Disk Sicurity bisa meguraangi resiko d pcat… 😀

  11. virussssssssss… selalu saja ada yg mengganggu kesenangan kita… gak enak banget klo disaat kita lagi asik2nya maen komputer tiba2 jd hang… nyebelin banget… apalagi maen komputer sambil makanpuding pasti nafsu makan jadi ilang.. hehehe 😀

  12. inilah yang aku paling sebel, pernah file file aku hilang karena yang satu ini, dasr memnag virus, kita hrus antisipasinya dengan yang satu ini

  13. Salam kenal Mas Harry,

    Tulisan yang sangat bermanfaat sekali.
    Kalau ada waktu, singgah di tempat saya ya.

    Terima kasih,

  14. Virus komputer yang menyebabkan bangkrut seseorang seperti cerita dalam artikel ini harus dihindari. Mereka yang membuat virus merupakan kelompok orang yang mencari keuntungan dengan cara yang tidak baik. Semoga kita tidak meniru cara seperti ini.

  15. wah ini efek virus yang luar bias parah nya … nama baik dan kehormatan bisa hancur dalam sekejap mata

  16. Sungguh pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan. Kejadian dan peristiwa yang pernah dialami siapapun dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi kita semua. Terima kasih atas informasi yang diberikan

  17. wah kalo boleh tau nama virusnya apa yah? selain itu adakah motif lain selain hanya karena terserang virus? bisa saja kan ada oknum yang memang mau menjatuhkan dia, yah who knows btw nice post!!

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  19. amien emang virus jahat kerjanya merusak dan mencuri huft semoga pembuatnya kena flu 10 bulan hahahhahah lebih juga gpp he…

  20. ngeri juga yah,… apalagi sekarang banyak situs jejaring sosial .. bayangkan account facebook kita di bobol orang… trus dia nulis nulis yang melanggar hukum.. bisa bisa di penjara gara gara kena undang undang ITE… hemm serem

  21. Damn.. what a shocking news.

    Buat yang tiap hari harus online ngeri juga kalo sampe kejadian kayak gitu.

    Btw, 3 tahun yang lalu aku sempat pake Ubuntu, tapi karena kurang mendukung untuk bisnis, terpaksa ke Windows lagi.

    Klo sekarang dengan GUI KDE atau Gnome yg udah GUI banget, linux memang jadi lebih muah digunakan.

    Bisa dipertimbangkan dah ke linux.

  22. turut sedih nich kang stlh baca postinganya kang hery… turut sedih juga buat Michael Fiola dan temen kang hery.. saya sich dari dulu pengen pake linux kang, tapi saya dr dulu dah pesen CD linux di situsnya linux tp dah hampir 1 tahun belum dikirim2 juga

  23. wah..Ngeri banget ya…Kalo sy jadi Michael sy akan tuntut pemerintah ybs dan minta ganti rugi…apalghi ini sudah menghancurkan kehiduan dia..kalo perlu lapor ke komnas HAM di negaranya..Pokoknya harus lakukan sesuatu..karena dia telah dibuat menderita atas tuduhan yang tidak dilakukannya…

    oya,pak harry…comment dari spammer koq dibiarin sich…

  24. Merajalelanya Fitnah sudah mulailah tanda-tanda kiamat. Mudah-mudahan kita terhindar dari fitnah ini. Kasihan juga orang yang jadi korban.

  25. wah ngeri juga baca ceritanya, apalagi kalau terjadi di indonesia mungkin tidak akan pernah terungkap.

  26. Wah2… Bahaya juga yach…
    Nice article…

    Hmmm… Kl pake macbook, apakah free virus juga seperti di linux?

  27. It’s true that there are less viruses for Linux and Mac, but I suppose we PC users have to be just that much more careful. It’s an unfortunate thing. Hope he managed to get that virus out alright!

  28. ehm, mang Virus tidak bisa d nerantas, tapi hanya bisa d cegah palagi dari yang si Mas sebutkan coba dengan Linux karena kadang2 pake anti virus eh malah banyakan virusnya. hehe btw ajarin dink Linuxnya,,,,hehehe ngrayu

  29. Sungguh pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan. Kejadian dan peristiwa yang pernah dialami siapapun dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi kita semua. Terima kasih atas informasi yang diberikan.

  30. Gawat juga yah virus bisa seganas itu.. mungkin itu spyware atau malware, whatever the virus is danger! Thanks atas infonya bos.

  31. Mac is similar to linux in the sense there are less viruses available for it, but this could soon change in the up and coming years of macs climb to the top.

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  32. Wew.. Ngeri amir kejadiannya. Tapi, walau sudah membacanya, tetap saja, kadang susah berpindah dari yg ‘sudah terbiasa’ digunakan. Mungkin suatu saat.

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  34. sudah sewajarnya kalau virus harus dimusnahkan dari muka bumi,memang ada sih beberapa virus yg bermanfaat tapi kebanyakan merugikan..

  35. Virus memang amat mengerikan..
    Mengeluti bisnis di dunia maya, meskipun tidak seberat di dunia nyata, namun… resikonya ternyata jauh lebih tinggi. Mesti hati-hati…

  36. Sungguh pengalaman yang tidak menyenangkan. Kejadian dan peristiwa yang pernah dialami siapapun dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi kita semua. Terima kasih atas informasi yang diberikan.

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  38. sungguh terlalu yang mbuat virus… nggak kasian ma orang kecil kayak saya yang sudah susah payah mengumpul semuanya dari 0 nol

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  43. Salam. Note book saya juga terkena trojan, dah instal antispyware, tapi selepas trojan dah ‘clean’ ada file window yg ter”delete’. virus pc ni memang teruk.. :.}

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  45. Wah virus memang menyebalkan, data Tugas Akhir saya hilang tak berbekas juga sama virus komputer, mngkanya saya pasang anti virus yang Asli, Jangan pake yang palsu” sama saja, bisa tembus juga…

  46. Wah ngeri bgt ampe seperti itu gara-gara virus.
    Linux versi apa yang sangat mudah digunakan ya pak?
    Saya blom pernah pake linux.

  47. jual adaptor laprop | Blackberry case | aksesoris iPad and iPhone

    wah menurut saya sih pake os apa aja yang namanya virus terus berkembang

    os apa pun bisa di susupi oleh virus


    jadi baca lah tentang virus2 tersebut or masuk aja forum tentang virus comp

    kalau kita harus kenali musuh dulu sebelum kita di serang or berperang


  48. mungkin lagi apes aja tuh orang gan.
    linux sih blm familiar di indonesia. dan orang indonesia itu ga mau ribet rata2. jadi mungkin dibutuhkan gerakan mendorong penggunaan linux. tetapi itu juga pasti ada halangan krn asas kepentingan. pemerintah kita pasti ditekan oleh amerika jika gencar mensosialisasikan linux.

  49. gile.. bahaya juga ya.. hmm.. hati2 buka situs2 begituan deh.. ntar dapet virus kayak gt bisa berabe 🙂

  50. Wah serem juga yah… jadi pengen pindah ke linux tapi masih awam.. ada solusi lain ga mas?

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  52. pembuat virus akan menemukan balasan yang setimpal di akhirat kelak dan juga di alam kubur. aku jadi kasihan sama mereka karena mereka tertawa di dunia menangis setelah ajal.

  53. wahh rumit juga nih urusannya kalau ketemu si virus. . .

    pakai linux emang lebih aman kayaknya y bos??

  54. Wah.. wah.., hebat banget tuh virus. Kita kudu ati-ati nih, update terus antivirusnya kali ya biar nggak kena.

  55. emang jahat tuh virus. hati2 lah download dan install program2 bajakan. atau gunakan linux 🙂

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  60. wah… ternyata tragis juga gan! wkwkwk…. kalo gak pengen cepet kena virus, pake linux memang… setuju sama “mas yoko”


  61. wah masalah ini pernah saya alami, bahkan email saya saja saya tdk bisa login, untungnya tdk ada data penting, yups setuju sekali kembali ke linux

  62. Wow, kisah yang cukup tragis.

    Tapi masih banyak software yang tidak bisa jalan di Linux T_T

    Mudah2an untuk kedepan Linux bisa lebih, lebih user friendly lagi.


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  66. saya pengguna windows, juga pengguna linux ubuntu.. tapi saya masih kurang yakin apakah linux benar-benar bebas virus seiring semakin banyak virus-virus baru, siapa tahu ada yg berbasis linux.. hehehe…

  67. Wah, apes bener tuh orang.. Jadi ngeri seperti itu ceritanya, padahal karena hal sepele.

    Memang firewall and antivirus adalah program yg wajib diinstall di kompie kita..

    visit my blog tentang dokter gigi, thanks

  68. maaf nih mas jika seandainya pertanyaan ini pernah di tanyakan sebelumnya oleh lebih dari 200 yang berkomentar,,

    kalau boleh tau, antivirus apa yang paling bagus yang bisa mencegah virus, malware, file ware dan sejenisnya ??
    soalnya kompi saya sangat sering di serang virus dan koleganya, hingga harus di instal ulang berkali2, namun tetap juga di serang oleh virus kembali..

    terima kasih ya mas atas jawaban yang akan di berikan.
    salam olahraga

  69. virus memang menakutkan utk newbie seperti saya boss!! Kalau utk yg sdh expert rasanya tdk deh…atau??

  70. ooohh fungsi linux itu rupanya itu ya mas? saya tau linux itu cuman namanya aja. berarti untuk mncegah virus trojan, anti spyware, malware ataupun dari internet hanya menginstal linux aja ya mas? tanpa mnggunakn anti yang bermerk?

  71. lebih dari hal yang di atas, virus juga dapat menghancurkan karir seseorang yang bekerja sebagai marketing bisnis. pernah juga kawan saya yang sebenarnya ia juga teledor karena menyimpan data-data penting di laptop, akhirnya dokumen yang disimpan ludes dilalap si virus

  72. sungguh memang kejam sekali..virus bisa membuat kehidupan kita menjadi susah. maka dari itu tetaplah waspada ketika melakukan sesuatu ketika menggunakan komputer sendiri

  73. tapi salah satu kelemahan linux adalah ketidak mudahan dalam fitur-fiturnya, kemudian sofwarenya pun sangat sedikit dan susah mencarinya

  74. Salam kenal. Kenapa sistem operasi seperti linux bisa bebas dari virus?
    Mohon penjelasannya…

  75. wah saya baru jadi korbannya gan.

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  76. Kasian banget nasibnya si Fiola, jadi harus lebih berhati hati dan nggak nganggep enteng virus.. thanks informasinya..

  77. Wah ternyata virus komputer sangat berbahaya. Kita perlu memperoteksi komputer kita jangan ampe kena virus yang sangat merugikan.Terima kasih atas informasinya, sukses selalu…

  78. Awesome! Thanks! I don’t have any need for this at the moment, but always good to have 😉

  79. Satu2nya mungkin OS harus di ganti ke Ubuntu dan setting sendiri – tapi memang ribet sih hehe.. anw thanks ya info ny diatas..
    ckckc.. virus..virus memang bikin ribet!!

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