Google is actually able to kill BlackBerry by using its Google Talk as BBM-killer. …

Google is actually able to kill BlackBerry by using its Google Talk as BBM-killer.
Google Talk is already available too on BlackBerry & iPhone, and of course on Android & PC.
Much better than BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) which is only available on BlackBerry.

There are only a few missing features left, like sharing photos in Group Chat, etc. These are simple features for Google to create, and looks like nothing – but, definitely is VERY important to users, and somehow still not provided by Google.
The mind boggles…

My family have asked me repeatedly to join in their BBM groups. But I really do NOT feel like buying such underpowered & troublesome device.

Here's hoping that Google will wisen up – and finally rule the mobile consumer market with its Google Talk.รฏยปยฟ

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13 thoughts on “Google is actually able to kill BlackBerry by using its Google Talk as BBM-killer. …

  1. Thanks +Riyogarta P – I deleted Google+ App because I was running out of space in my Android.

    Now my Samsung Galaxy Mini have been hacked to have unlimited internal storage *wink wink* I have just reinstalled it. Will give it a try soon ! cheers.

  2. Totally agree with +Ryan Robinson . But in that case, Google has already start nurturing their Enterprise team. At least starts to build Chrome for Enterprise, which I believe could offer an alternative for IE in most of organizations.

  3. +Harry Sufehmi ร‚ยป In my personal opinion, I think Google is focusing to develop those features you'd mentioned onto their Google+ Hangouts while GTalk still projected to the way if classic chat tradition and keep it simple, small, lightweight, and more mobile without expensive requirement needs. I could be wrong, and the worse news if Google decides to abandoning GTalk once and for all.

  4. +Ryan Robinson – that would be very true in other countries such as UK or USA. However, here in Indonesia, most Blackberry users are personal / non corporate. As you may guess, they doesn't care about this issue (security) ๐Ÿ™‚

    So Google is already in a good position to attack BBM, while continuing to develop their enterprise-level services.


  5. +Teguh Iman – I think you're totally spot on here. It's my understanding that Google Talk is built on XMPP protocol, which is quite lightweight, and definitely very open. So they can continue building additional features on top of it.

    However, I think Google Hangout is still a bit of overkill for Indonesia. Because most places doesn't have good Internet coverage ๐Ÿ™‚ most are only covered with GPRS / 2G.

    Google Messenger however stand a much better chance, since it require much lower bandwidth.

    Hopefully Google will get it soon, and start promoting it more.


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