"Education is all about showing someone the possibilities" : http://goo.gl/vQgfU …

"Education is all about showing someone the possibilities" : http://goo.gl/vQgfU

Quoted : _"Jacques was 76 years old and his kids had bought him a laptop.

I finally just told him that you can do just about anything in the virtual world that you can do in the real world. And so help me, God, I quoted a Microsoft commercial. “Where do you want to go?” (“Today” is implied.)

He thought he was being cute, I guess, when he said, “Paris!” I Googled Paris, and he was impressed by the photo of the Eiffel Tower and all, and the Google map, but then I told him I could do so much better than that.

I asked him for the address of the house he grew up in, and then I took him on a virtual walk down the street where he’d lived as a child, a town he hadn’t seen since he left as a 20-something. He pointed out where his father had owned a bakery (it’s a camera shop now), the church where he had his First Communion (it’s still there), and the corner where his school used to be (vacant lot).

Then, I set up a Gmail account for him, and a Skype account, and about 15 minutes and a flurry of text messages later, he was video-chatting with his favorite granddaughter. He said it was like Buck Rogers.

Ah, but the coup de grâce was when I found him a new fishing boat on eBay."_

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