4 thoughts on “Yup, a lot of very successful people does not have college/university degree

  1. The point is to note that :

    # Sometimes formal education can have negative impact for your future

    # Formal education is a standardized form of education. That means the output is also standardized = not having a significant advantage over others.

    # Especially in Indonesia – formal education actually stifles creativity & critical thinking. 

    I've seen a lot of smart children became mute & passive after entering school. Lost their edge. It's really sad to see that.

  2. The difficulty is determining whether a kid is better educated formally or not.

    My opinion is that for the current world system, for better or for worse, having a formal education as a foundation is a must, THEN coupled with additional mind-expanding learning, always questioning, exposed to many opportunities.

    Don't rely 100% on formal education, yes, but that's not the same as saying rely 100% on informal education.

  3. My kids used to homeschooled and now are joining school. They don't  have major difficulty to switch among between.

    Its the condition made us choose whether homeschool or school.

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