Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Hair Loss

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Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Hair Loss
If you have long hair, you know you shed a lot, even with short hair, there are hairs on your sweaters, on your pillows, in your drain. Normal hair shedding is 50-100 each day. Shedding more hair than this is excessive, this can be caused by diet, stress, high androgen birth control pills, post pregnancy, menopause, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune diseases; the most common cause, however, is bacteria and fungus.

That sounds pretty gruesome, and there are ways to combat this. For starters, loosen up! Lack of air to the scalp provides a damp environment, which makes a breeding ground for bacteria, things like weaves, extensions, tight buns, ponytails, hats, and head wraps are the most common culprits, also, lack of oxygen to the scalp weakens the hair follicles.

Product buildup and and infrequent washing may also contribute to this, with infrequent washing dust can build up on the scalp, there are many factors to how often you should wash your hair, anywhere from twice a week to once a month is the norm.

Garlic can improve your scalp health and strengthen your hair. To use it blend with your conditioner into a paste, apply to scalp, cover with plastic, leave on for one hour and shampoo as usual. You can also take an oral garlic supplement, it will take about a month to show a difference.

Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which counteracts the microbial action from dust, it will also tame frizz, apply to scalp, leave sit for 20-30 minutes, shampoo as usual. To tame flyaways you can rub a little between your palms and smooth through hair as you would a serum.

Keep your hair healthy, beautiful, and as much as possible still with you

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