"Linux and the Future of Computing" — Linus Torvalds : http://www.co…

"Linux and the Future of Computing" — Linus Torvalds : http://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/interview/2232306/linus-torvalds-on-linux-and-the-future-of-computing

Some quotes : 

..the real impact Linux has had is that it has enabled people to experiment and use the code-base that we've developed to build upon, and do more interesting things. I quoted Edison earlier, but my real favourite quote is from Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".

..big part of the success of Linux has been the choice of licence… And the choice of the GNU Public Licence v2 (GPLv2) really is very important. It's what protects everybody from a wild free-for-all. Anybody can use it, and anybody can make improvements to it, but you have to make those improvements available to others.

The biggest impact of Linux has often been in areas that most users aren't necessarily even aware of. For example, in pure numbers, Android is likely the use of Linux that has the most people actually interacting with it directly every day (at some point Google was saying that they had half a million Android activations every day), yet almost nobody really thinks of it as being based on a Linux kernel. Sure, you can go into the settings menu and see the kernel version, but how many users really care?

And the thing is, users generally shouldn't care. They really shouldn't care what operating system they are running, they should care about the work they get done. 

People used to make jokes about even toasters having computers in them in the future and while that still is something of a joke, if it ever happens, I hope that toaster will be running Linux.

What's so interesting – and so good – is how open source really means that all these different interests can "meld", and the end result is really much better for it. Exactly because there is not just one company with one single vision, but lots of people with different ideas, and that balances the end result out.

..a lot of it will really be about humans, not the technology itself. The technology just makes things possible.

Linus Torvalds on Linux and the future of computing
In the second part of a three-part interview, Linux creator and Millennium Technology Prize winner Linus Torvalds talks about real-world Linux and looks…

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