Gosip seputar next-gen game consoles : PS4 & 720 : http://www.reddit.com/r/…

Gosip seputar next-gen game consoles : PS4 & 720 : http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/16tttt/orbis_unmasked_what_to_expect_from_the_nextgen/c7zfgtg

Dikutip :

Akan ada banyak game yang jadi bisa dijalankan juga di Linux – berkat Sony PS4 🙂

" the PS4 is a Linux PC . I was wondering how Valve were going to convince developers to put money into developing games for a Linux, they don't need to anymore, Sony just did that for them.

Porting to Linux just became trivial, you shouldn't be surprised if in a couple of years you end up seeing Max Payne 4 released simultaneously for your Windows or Linux PC, Steambox, 720 and PS4."

"AMD were working on these "Jaguar" cores for a while and they probably made a second team to work on a version for Microsoft's console. The AMD Jaguar cores are designed to be extremely low powered and they have numerous power saving features.

Nowadays you don't really need a very powerful CPU since the GPU can do a lot more. The benefit of 8 cores is that you can switch off the cores that you aren't using.

Furthermore with this set up you can still call on a lot of power but you can also switch off what you don't need.

AMD are a big believer in heterogeneous computing, in other words everything works together and what isn't needed doesn't draw power"

"On the GPU part, about a few months ago me and colleagues were speculating about what we would see. In the end we whittled it down to two "performance envelopes". One was equivalent to a HD 7850-7870 and the other was equivalent to a GTX 680.

Either way though … expect a giant leap, consoles have an edge since you don't have API overhead, you write to the metal. Even a 7850 equivalent in a console is a big big jump up."

"Microsoft and Sony are taking different approaches. Microsoft are going with slower DDR RAM but more of it, they seem to be "saving" a lot of RAM for OS functions, in other words it looks like Microsoft have some sort of plans, maybe Kinect 2.0 or something.

Sony on the other hand went with less RAM but it is faster GDDR RAM and Sony are also seemingly spending more money on the GPU.

In other words the way it looks the PS4 will be engineered to be a pure gaming machine with more power, the 720 will fall in between the PS4 and Wii U in terms of power."

"next generation consoles should draw less power than the first version versions of the 360 and PS3 which means there probably won't be a power brick (ed: power adapter) and the cases might be a little smaller too.

1080P and 60 FPS should be the standard across the entire board "

"As a consequence of smartphones and tablets, the sales of the next generation consoles are probably going to be lower than this generation.

Say for example the 360 and PS3 end up with 70 million a piece sold this generation, the 720 and PS4 might end up selling 50 million each."

"It seems like neither Microsoft nor Sony will subsidise their next generation consoles, they will make a profit with every console sold… in fact they might be able to make a profit with a launch price of $300 to $350 "

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