Thank You StarTrek

You are inspiring a LOT of people to move forward & innovate – even including Google 🙂

Cheers for SciFi movies ! 

Reshared post from +Life at Google

“These are the best times we’ve ever had in search. I have done this for 22 years, and I've been at Google for 12 years, so I should know. This is the most exciting time—every morning I come into work more excited than ever. Strap in. It's all happening in our lifetimes.”

What has +Amit Singhal so excited? +Slate goes behind the scenes with his Knowledge team to learn about our attempt to build "the Star Trek computer."

Google Is Obsessed With Building the Star Trek Computer
I first came across Google’s interest in Star Trek back in the summer of 2010. A company spokesman wanted to show me the firm’s rapidly improving visual search and speech-recognition technology. At th…

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