FAST Image Viewer @ Ubuntu

FAST Image Viewer @ Ubuntu. :: I noticed that the default image viewer on Ubuntu, eog (eye of gnome), is really slow on big files (> 10 MB). It's really, really painful when you need to sort & process hundreds of these.

Looking around, I got loads of recommendation for Viewnior.

However, it doesn't provide packages for Ubuntu, and it won't compile due to its dependency to GTK2.

So after a bit more googling, I found the solution here :

Or just copy-paste these lines, one by one :

sudo su –

echo "deb lucid main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

apt-get update

apt-get install viewnior

And voila ! Viewnior is now installed 🙂

If you have been struggling with accesing big image files, hope you'll find this little trick useful.

And yes, Viewnior is indeed fast 🙂 excellent stuff !

[lubuntu] installing Viewnior

i’m trying to install Viewnior on my desktop and i can’t get it done. i was using this page and this one as a reference, but something’s not right, or i’m doing something wrong here..
can somebody pls explain to me how it should be done?
what command should i use? apt-get or aptitude?
sudo apt-get install viewnior results with a message:
Unable to locate package viewnior

with this
sudo aptitude install viewnior i get this message:

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  1. Pengen pake ubuntu tapi terlanjur kecantol sama namanya Windows. But buat referensi saya, ini info yang sangat bermanfaat. GOOD! Visit me back yaa

  2. saya suka banget nih sama ubuntu ,, rame kalo udah ngulik2 prorgamnya . apalagi ubuntu 7.10

  3. Hi administrator, You always provide great examples and real-world applications, thank you for your valuable contributions.

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