Naomi Klein : The Big Green groups are more damaging to Earth than the deniers

Naomi Klein : The Big Green groups are more damaging to Earth than the deniers. :: I must admit that I'm jealous to Naomi Klein. Her analysis is backed by blade-sharp focus & logic, and she's also able to write it into a book very well. One can always aspire to be, but in reality, very few will be able to reach her level.

Her latest book, The Shock Doctrine, is a real shocker to read; detailing how free marketers ride on top of crises, natural or manufactured, to reap profits. With just two books, the first is the International best-seller "No Logo", she has managed to accumulate immense global influence. 

She turned her attention to global climate problem for her third book. And we're in for another shocking discovery – the Big Green groups actually causes more damages than the (global warming / climate change) deniers.

An excellent article in The Guardian covers this topic very well. In short, by cooperating / partnering with the Big Polluters, the Big Green groups are having conflict of interest, and ended being played by the big polluters.

Quoted : 

The green groups are not nearly as clever as they believe themselves to be. They got played on a spectacular scale.

Communities, in Richmond, California for instance, who would have been like, "We fight climate change and our kids won't get as much asthma."
That win-win was broken because you get a deal that says, "OK you guys can keep polluting but you're going to have to buy some offsets on the other side of the planet." And the local win is gone, is sacrificed.

What we know is that the environmental movement had a series of dazzling victories in the late 60s and in the 70s … It was just victory after victory after victory…. And then it came to screeching halt when Reagan was elected. And he essentially waged war on the environmental movement very openly.'s a really important question why the green groups have been so unwilling to follow science to its logical conclusions.
I think the scientists Kevin Anderson and his colleague Alice Bows at the Tyndall Centre have been the most courageous on this because they don't just take on the green groups, they take on their fellow scientists for the way in which neoliberal economic orthodoxy has infiltrated the scientific establishment. It's really scary reading.

And so we see this grassroots, place-based resistance in the movements against the Keystone XL pipeline and the Northern Gateway pipeline, the huge anti-fracking movement. And they are the ones winning victories, right?

I think the Big Green groups are becoming deeply irrelevant. Some get a lot of money from corporations and rich donors and foundations, but their whole model is in crisis.

…there's a big push in Europe where 100 civil society groups are calling on the EU not to try to fix their failed carbon-trading system, but to actually drop it and start really talking about cutting emissions at home instead of doing this shell game. 

We don't have any more time to waste with these very clever, not working shell games.

Naomi Klein: ‘Big green groups are more damaging than climate deniers’
Environment movement is in ‘deep denial’ over the right ways to tackle climate change, says Canadian author

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