MySQL : Make Your Query Runs (at least) 16800% Faster

:: One of our data analyst was asked to analyze a bunch of data from 2 tables. One of it  contained nearly 200 million records, and the other about 120 million records. The query to run against this dataset is doing several JOINs on non-unique fields, causing the resultset to be estimated at trillions of records.

As some of you may have already guessed – a week went by, and the query still hasn't finished 🙂

I was asked to help, so I tried almost every trick that I knew, including (but not limited to) :

# vertical partitioning : split the columns into a table each
# horizontal partitioning : splitting the table into 10 smaller tables
# putting the tables on fast SSDs
# putting the tables on RAM disk : on several occasions, I actually managed to saturate the memory bandwidth……
# enlarging the JOIN buffers : up to tens of gigabytes.
# etc, etc.

Still no joy. The query just won't finish. And I've been sleeping on my work desk for almost a week.

One day before the deadline (just like in the movies, huh?), another of our data analyst suggested that I hashes the fields being compared, and then compare the hashes instead.

To my surprise, it works GREAT. It's like a miracle.

The query which wasn't finished in a week, now finished in an hour. 
We got the job done, at the very least, 16800% faster.

Mind = Blown 🙂

So, here's how it's done, hopefully you'll find it useful too later.
Enjoy !


SELECT a.f1, a.f2, b.f1, b.f2  
FROM t1 AS a, t2 AS b 
WHERE a.f1=b.f1 AND a.f2=b.f2 AND a.f3=b.f3 AND a.f4=b.f4 AND a.f5=b.f5;


SELECT uid, MD5(CONCAT(f1,f2,f3,f4,f5)) AS hash  
FROM t1 

SELECT uid, MD5(CONCAT(f1,f2,f3,f4,f5)) AS hash  
FROM t2 

This is where the magic happens :) 
we compare the hashes, and then we store the uid related to those hashes.

CREATE TABLE hash_result (KEY(uid1), KEY(uid2)) ENGINE=MyISAM AS 
SELECT a.uid AS uid1, b.uid AS uid2 
FROM hash1 AS a, hash2 AS b 
WHERE a.hash=b.hash 

Collect the records with the corresponding uid :

SELECT a.f1, a.f2, b.f1, b.f2 
FROM t1 AS a, t2 AS b, hash_result AS c 
WHERE a.uid=c.uid1 AND b.uid=c.uid2 

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23 thoughts on “MySQL : Make Your Query Runs (at least) 16800% Faster

  1. Great technique. I'm aware that the hashes were done against multiple columns, but am I correct in assuming that you're aware and accepting of the risk of hash collisions here? Especially when considering that you have hundreds of millions of records?

  2. +Arga Nugraha – Yup, jadi ingat di posting ini di Facebook, ada yang komentar, menyebutkan menggunakan CRC32 & secara tidak langsung merekomendasikan itu 😀 padahal CRC32 itu 32 bit = cuma ada 4 milyar kombinasi. 

    Kalau yang di hash ada ratusan juta… bakalan panen hash collisions ini….. 😀

    MD5 itu outputnya 128 bit, jadi ada 2^128 kombinasi = 3,4 x 10^38 ….. ratusan juta itu adalah 1 x 10^8, yah……  sejauh ini, terlalu kecil  kemungkinan hash collisionnya 🙂

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