How to play Roblox on Linux

I used to play Roblox with my kids from my Linux-based (Ubuntu) laptop – by having a virtual machine set up (on VirtualBox) with Windows, and play there. Of course it’s slow, but I still CAN play.

However one day Roblox decided to disable playing from Virtual Machine. And there goes my little bit of happiness with my children.

One day I found this article about using Steam Link to enable remote access to a Windows desktop, and it got me an idea – can I use this trick to play Roblox again from my laptop?

So I setup Google Chrome to be streamable from my gaming computer on my house’s second floor – and voila, it showed up in my Steam account indeed !

By invoking Google Chrome on my Steam app on Linux – then I can browse to, and then play all the games there.

Mission accomplished !

Use Steam to Stream Your Desktop Instead of Your Games :

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