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Perusahaan Rokok berusaha membajak agama Islam :: Karena penjualannya turun di negara-negara…

Perusahaan Rokok berusaha membajak agama Islam :: Karena penjualannya turun di negara-negara muslim, perusahaan rokok berusaha melabeli pihak anti rokok sebagai ekstrimis & fundamentalist.

Dikutip dari : http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/apr/20/tobacco-firms-tried-undermine-muslim-countries-smoking-ban

BAT and other companies, which were losing sales in affluent countries where anti-smoking measures had been introduced, devised strategies to counter this perceived threat to sales in places such as Egypt, #Indonesia and Bangladesh, which have large populations of young people who smoke.

The earliest fatwa against tobacco was in 1602

The tobacco industry attempted to #reinterpret Islamic teaching and recruit Islamic scholars in a bid to undermine the prohibition on smoking in many Muslim countries, an investigation has shown.

"We had tobacco industry lawyers actually developing theological arguments" –Prof Mark Petticrew

Pihak yang anti-rokok musti dianggap sebagai fundamentalis, dan diadu domba dengan pemerintah :

“A Moslem who attacks smoking generally speaking would be a threat to existing government as a ‘fundamentalist’ who wishes to return to sharia law,” says one of the archive documents.

Tidak berhenti hanya sampai disitu saja, perusahaan rokok kemudian berusaha memanfaatkan agama Islam untuk membenarkan produk mereka :

The tobacco industry attempted to re-interpret anti-smoking Islamic teachings. A 1996 BAT memo suggests identifying “a scholar/scholars, preferably at the Al Azhar University in Cairo, who we could then brief and enlist as our authoritative advisers/allies and occasionally spokespersons on the issue.

“We agreed that such scholars/authority would need to be paired up with an influential Moslem writer/journalist … such advice would present the most effective and influential opinion able to counter extremist views, which are generally peddled by Islamic fundamentalist preachers largely misinterpreting the Koran"

Mantap betul perjuangan mereka ini 🙂 mari kita juga jangan mau kalah, basmi perusahaan rokok dari bumi Indonesia yang tercinta ini. Allahu Akbar ! 🙂 (y)

How tobacco firms tried to undermine Muslim countries’ smoking ban
Attempts to tackle sales threat by framing criticism of smoking as fundamentalist fanaticism are outlined in cache of documents from 1970s until late 1990s

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