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MySQL : careful with index_merge

MySQL : careful with index_merge. :: MySQL 4.x was not able to use more than 1 index. MySQL 5.x fixed this with a feature called "index merge".

However, there are times when this feature actually slows down the performance.
An excellent example & explanation about this is discussed on the article I linked here.

I experienced a similar situation – a query is reading multiple indexes + intersect + sort it = CPU intensive, AND turned out it's executed several hundred times per #second.

It ended up overloading the database server pretty spectacularly 🙂

The (temporary) quick fix is to execute the following command in MySQL console :

SET GLOBAL optimizer_switch="index_merge_intersection=off"

Then once you implemented the correct solution to the problem (change the query / create a new compound index / etc), don't forget to turn it on again.
Otherwise other "innocent" queries might suffer because of it 🙂


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