03 January 2001 — 11.08

Yesterday morning around 2 pm, we found Sarah bleeding all over her face. Apparently, she managed to pull off her glove (smart girl) and then started scratching her itchy skin (she had a rather severe case of Eczema) freely (not good).
When we found her, she cant open her eyes because her own blood was all over it. Some area on her face simply doesnt have skin anymore, you can see its flesh exposed. There was blood on her clothes, blood on her bed, blood on her hairs. The horror.
We were completely shocked, unable to say anything for a moment. What we saw breaks our heart thoroughly – seeing your own baby covered in blood, and crying in pain…
Then we instantly drive to the first hospital that came to our mind – City Hospital. We didnt dare to clean her blood, we were too scared, she is so small it seems that she is so fragile.

Unfortunately, it didnt went very well. The doctor that received us wasnt very happy (why go here instead of children hospital) and he didnt even bothered to clean her blood/sterilise her wounds. I asked him but he said clean it yourself after I returned to my home (!). Im still very angry when I think about it. What a joke, even the under-funded Indonesian hospitals are still better compared to this!
(actually in Indonesia in case like this we can always come to our family doctors home and wake him up – voila, instant treatment. hows that for a service eh!)
Granted he may not be the expert of Eczema – but for God sake; cant you see that tiny baby covered in blood, isnt that a pity sight? Is it so hard just to tell a nurse to “get betadine and some cotton” ?

This occasion makes me think really hard – if public service continues to be such a disappointment, I really cant afford to just stand and see my family suffers. Gotta find a better alternative or else.

On a happier side, Sarah is recovering, much better than our expectation. We put a strong lotion given by her GP and E45 to moisturise her skin. I cant believe what I saw when I went to work this morning, shes already laughing joyfully, her skin now started to become white and smooth again.

Office: Not much to do in the office, might wont until next week with people still in their holiday. We will see.


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