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Nabi & Rasul

Saya adalah laki-laki paling ganteng, di rumah saya. Well, oke, nomor 2 paling ganteng – hanya kalah dari Umar. Anyway, hidup di tengah kumpulan wanita itu memang menyenangkan sekali. Ada banyak hal-hal menarik yang terjadi dari waktu ke waktu. Tidak pernah membosankan 🙂

Beberapa hari yang lalu terjadi tanya-jawab antara saya dengan Anisah, anak saya yang sulung, sebagai berikut :

Anisah (A) : Pa, kok Nabi itu tidak ada yang perempuan ya ?

Saya (S) : Hm, iya yah ?

A : Iya, semuanya cowok kan ?

S : Betul, mungkin karena pekerjaannya berat ?

A : ?

S : Lihat aja tuh Nabi Muhammad, beliau pernah malah disambit pakai batu-batu sampai berdarah-darah

A : Ya ampunnnn

S : Iya, pernah ditimpa dengan tahi unta juga. Disiram dengan air kencing. Dan berusaha dibunuh berkali-kali.

Nabi-nabi yang lain juga kayak begitu. Nabi Zakariya digergaji hidup-hidup sampai wafat.

A : Hah !!! Beneren pa? Hiiiyy

S : Ya, Nabi Yahya disembelih. Nabi Isa mau disalib – tahu gak disalib itu apa?

A : Digantung di kayu ?

S : Ya, tangannya dipaku ke tiang kayu.

A : *bergidik*

S : Nah, kalau Nabi itu perempuan, kayaknya kesian deh kalau musti kejadian kayak begitu

A : Iya ya…. aduh. Ngeri banget.

S : Ngebayanginnya aja Papa gak tega. Kalau cowok sih, biarin aja 🙂

A : Hahahaha…

S : Ya, itulah nasib para Nabi. Kerjaannya berat, untuk kebaikan orang lain – eehh malah dibalasnya kayak begitu sama orang yang mau mereka tolong. Cape deh.

A : Bwahahaha…

S : Yah jadi gitu kakak, mungkin karena itu gak ada Nabi yang perempuan

A : Iya lah, untung juga ya.

Jakarta 13 Mei 2009, ditulis di sela-sela rehat setelah bekerja + meeting seharian.

22 March 2001 — 23.12

I’ve had enough – this morning I brought Sarah to Emergency section of Birmingham Children Hospital.
To my surprise, they didn’t get mad (like that idiot in City Hospital) and actually understand why I went there instead of trying to get an appointment for her GP (which, I was told, I can have in the next several weeks – by that time Sarah will have no skin left on her body!).
We have some useful discussion and now our confidence are restored that Sarah can be cured. We just need to be persistent and patient with her condition. (well, easy for me to say indeed)

When you’re feeling blue, go to this site.


18 March 2001 — 19.31

Sarah’s eczema returned – now with rubella/measle, great.
Her skin was already very smooth just like other babies, but suddenly she got this rubella. Then her eczema just had to flare up again. And she got cough. And runny nose. And high body temperature. Poor baby, she cried because of all the pain…
But that’s not all – then NHS just had to refuse seeing her at all.
First, I brought her to NHS walk-in center. The nurses there are very friendly, but granted, they’re not GP so can’t prescribe anything. They told me to contact my out-of-hours GP and give their letter describing Sarah’s condition. So I did. But what that GP said? He told me that those nurses are unreliable, so just sit tight, and you’d be fine. ??????? what the *#*!)*# unbelievable. By the way; this is over the phone, he hasn’t actually see my baby. Yeah dude, why don’t you just confess that you’re so lazy! (it was 11 pm)

So I wait until Monday morning and bring Sarah to her GP directly. This time, they refused her flatly on my face. “No can do until the next 3 weeks” basically is what they said, and they turned their back on me. I felt like I’m falling in a bottomless pit…

And some people are wondering why people flocked to the hospitals… I think I’ll do so, because I have the right for the service (the tax here is high!) that would cost NHS more money? See if I care.

What we’ve done so far, we visited our local pharmacist, asked for some medicine, and that’s it. A week goes by already.
A bit helpful, but still she shouldn’t suffer this way if NHS service was a bit better.

Some friends are suggesting that we should complain; problem is, to whom? Deaf ears are everywhere, I need to find a way to make the complaint actually heard and processed. Otherwise I won’t bother wasting my time.


07 March 2001 — 12.33

Sarah is still a very happy baby – I’m overjoyed.
Hopefully her eczema doesn’t have any plan to return any time shortly – better yet, don’t return at all 😉

I REALLY need that Xircom Rex 6000 to remind me of my own schedules and enabling me to take notes anywhere, without inconveniencing me as with other bulky PDAs …. *sigh* later perhaps, especially to remember that we just did a buying spree recently.


07 March 2001 — 12.24

My Intel PocketPC camera just arrived today! and you can see the sample pictures (my brother picturing himself, being a megalomaniac) here Hamdani Harman Rukun aka Megaloman and here

The picture is pretty good for sub 100 poundsterling digital camera indeed. And not only that, it comes LOADED, such as the fact that it can become a Digital Video too (granted, only around 2 minutes, but still enables you to record that funny moment), be a webcam (you read me right) so finally I’ll be able to teleconference with my family in Indonesia! yipee. And with 8 MB of RAM I can snap 64 pictures.
Then it comes with quality software too… a lot of them, and not too shabby as well. Especially I’m looking forward to its Reality Fusion games – where you can play virtual games such as Virtual Basketball with PocketPC – cool.

It was a hard decision for me to choose between Intel PocketPC and Logitech Quickcam Traveler. But after looking at its sample pictures, Intel PocketPC is very clearly the winner – and cheaper too! Kudos to Intel for this gadget.


02 March 2001 — 06.33

Oh WOW… can’t believe it, finally for the first time since Sarah’s illness, her cheek is now smooth and supple again – just like a normal baby.
Still a bit red, but it’s smooth and not itchy anymore, and she’s very happy for that.
My wife broke into tears of joy when she realised it. Hopefully from now on we can just become a normal happy family again.

We had a very heavy snowfall this morning, I even have trouble looking when I walked since the snow keeps on falling on my eyes – it quite hurts 🙂
Unfortunately it stopped for now, but hopefully it will continue again so we can play in the snow again in the weekend – yeah!


15 January 2001 — 11.30

I bought my mobile phone (Motorola m3788) primarily because it can use AA battery in case its NiMH ran out of juice. And it happened indeed – several times (I’m so forgetful); but I can’t use AA batteries as its replacement, because its too big.
Turned out you gotta buy another battery door that will accommodate those (bigger) AA batteries. That sucks enough, but then I found out that no one carries it in UK – not even Motorola itself. Argh. WTF??

Sarah is getting even more talkative now. And she gets along better with her sister – she’s not as scared as before to her (Sarah is almost as big as Anisah!!) and she can always plant her nails in case Anisah went too far. Or pull her hair. O-u-c-h =)
We gotta find a better glove for those slick little hands!


09 January 2001 — 06.55

Wake up late this morning and rather tired even though I was way overslept (9 hours!!)
Then I realised what happened; it was very cold outside that my heater was unable to cope. As the result, the room temperature REALLY dropped; sending us deeper into sleep.

Then we finally woke up; nose hurts (humidity only 23%), eyes hurts (again, because of the low humidity), sore throat (humidity again), and we’re not feeling very well. I almost got cold… Joy.

But the girls were very happy this morning. Yesterday, Anisah started going to her playgroup again, the first after the long holiday. Sarah, of course, went there as well. As my wife said, they’re simply ecstatic. Going around like crazy; Sarah can only see them from her chair, but that’s all it takes to make her very happy as well. (she’s started trying to stand btw).

Also yesterday Anisah helped me made a cheesecake. She was very very proud that SHE can help ME 🙂 🙂 won’t stop whisking the mix, hehe…
This morning the cake was finally ready; I took it from the freezer, and she really enjoyed eating it.


05 January 2001 — 09.58

This is just so unbelievably stupid – 🙂

The girls were quite happy this morning. Sarah was trying to speak when she saw me and Helen speaking. We laughed so hard seeing her attempt, it was very funny to see and hear her making those sounds. Anisah was happy but then jealous (a bit) to her sister and then happy again – well, generally that’s her behaviour for the past several weeks. We must keep on remembering to pay extra attention to her.

Umm… suddenly I can’t use the mouse…?


04 January 2001 — 05.53

Kids woke up around 2 pm, taking care and play with them a bit, and then sleep again around 4 pm. Bad move. I woke up late and dizzy, ended up coming to the office late as well; and there are still a lot of things I haven’t done (note to self: transfer Sarah’s tape recording to MP3 and send to granny).
Somebody is talking in a mailing list, saying that the God had talked to him, he’s a new prophet. Oh puh-leeeeeeeeze. What a laugh 🙂
The moderator kicked him.

Raising kids is so much work. I enjoys it very much, but then I don’t have time/just forgot other things such as relationship with the neighbors/my parent/friends, maintenance work (home/car/etc), computer research stuff, learning more about Islam, and also (most importantly) time for me and Helen together. For the last two we tried hard, but sometimes it’s just not possible
But I think once they are bigger, nursery perhaps, we will have more spare time, and thus can pursue those above.
For now though, we’ll just have to be patient – and enjoy our every moment together.


03 January 2001 — 11.08

Yesterday morning around 2 pm, we found Sarah bleeding all over her face. Apparently, she managed to pull off her glove (smart girl) and then started scratching her itchy skin (she had a rather severe case of Eczema) freely (not good).
When we found her, she cant open her eyes because her own blood was all over it. Some area on her face simply doesnt have skin anymore, you can see its flesh exposed. There was blood on her clothes, blood on her bed, blood on her hairs. The horror.
We were completely shocked, unable to say anything for a moment. What we saw breaks our heart thoroughly – seeing your own baby covered in blood, and crying in pain…
Then we instantly drive to the first hospital that came to our mind – City Hospital. We didnt dare to clean her blood, we were too scared, she is so small it seems that she is so fragile.

Unfortunately, it didnt went very well. The doctor that received us wasnt very happy (why go here instead of children hospital) and he didnt even bothered to clean her blood/sterilise her wounds. I asked him but he said clean it yourself after I returned to my home (!). Im still very angry when I think about it. What a joke, even the under-funded Indonesian hospitals are still better compared to this!
(actually in Indonesia in case like this we can always come to our family doctors home and wake him up – voila, instant treatment. hows that for a service eh!)
Granted he may not be the expert of Eczema – but for God sake; cant you see that tiny baby covered in blood, isnt that a pity sight? Is it so hard just to tell a nurse to “get betadine and some cotton” ?

This occasion makes me think really hard – if public service continues to be such a disappointment, I really cant afford to just stand and see my family suffers. Gotta find a better alternative or else.

On a happier side, Sarah is recovering, much better than our expectation. We put a strong lotion given by her GP and E45 to moisturise her skin. I cant believe what I saw when I went to work this morning, shes already laughing joyfully, her skin now started to become white and smooth again.

Office: Not much to do in the office, might wont until next week with people still in their holiday. We will see.