05 January 2001 — 14.15

This morning when my wife was waiting for me in the parking lot, a man came and examined my car. While she was wondering what he’s up to, he came and said “I’m looking for a car (and yours looks great) did you ever have any problem driving it?” and continued to chat with her for sometime.
That made it TWICE some complete strangers complimented my car.
Moral of the story? You don’t need to have a Ferrari Testarossa to have strangers praising your car 😉
(just kidding! I’m not some kind of praise-maniac guy or something.. yuck)

My car is just a small, simple Nissan. But I gotta admit this particular model (year 2000, K11 ?) do looks good, also the color (China blue).
However, the original reasons for me to choose it was simply for its price (can you believe that I bought it for less than 7000 quid, including tax+insurance+RAC), low insurance rate (it’s a one litre model) and reliability (Nissan cars are quite well-known for this).

Cool fact, I bought it from Internet (I’m such a geek, I can’t resist the temptation) – http://www.autohit.com
They’re basically a broker, when you ask for a car they’ll query their dealers network and give you the best deal(s). I was pleasantly surprised too when I realised that they also provide customer aftersales service, along with the Nissan dealer. Some facts for the Micra:

The specs
History of the Micras
More cool facts
Nissan Micra user group – here in UK!
Photos of some other Micras and their owners


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