08 January 2001 — 01.47

Just had a discussion with a Shiite/Syiah/Shee’ah/Shi’ah guy in a mailing list. This guy is promoting the ideals of Shi’ite to other muslims in the list. Problem is, Shi’ite is not even recognised as muslim by the muslim scholars:


The Shi’ite are big problem for us, muslims. They are shouting to everyone “hey we’re THE muslim”. Yet they kill the innocents by the act of terrorism – including other muslims (especially the Sunni), so what would stop them from killing/doing injustice to non-muslims…

The scholars were not shy at all at describing the falseness of them, so I don’t think I would. I won’t waste more of my time on them, I’ll just give them the URL, and hopefully I’d be able to devote my time to other more useful things.


4 thoughts on “08 January 2001 — 01.47

  1. Wow. I had no idea that this kind of a thing was happening. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and providing us with the real truth of the situation.

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