08 January 2001 — 06.42

Saw last night’s episode of X-Files, and it was brilliant.

The story was about some guy, named Henry, who simply can’t have bad luck (he don’t need to say “wish me luck”, ever!) but this guy is smart and realise that it’s not always a blessing.

“Cause and effect, everything is for a reason”, he said.
When he was hit by a truck and badly wounded, Mulder and (the logical/sceptic) Sculley thought he finally had run out of his luck. But things turned out to be a blessing in disguise, when the mafia guy (that wanted to kill him) was dead instead, they found out that he had a very rare blood type – just exactly the one needed by Henry’s closest friend, a dying child.

So everything is happening for a grand scheme, that none of us can fully understand before the conclusions rolls in.
I like that.


5 thoughts on “08 January 2001 — 06.42

  1. Wow X-files a great tv seris ! i realy love all episodes and download the Pornhub to my HDD =)) its realy cool

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