08 January 2001 — 02.22

What a weekend… we’re quite busy (argh even forgot to look for Data Network notes for Hery) had an invitation from our friends in Wolverhampton, then in Sunday the kids made us busy – but they deserved it.

I truly envy my father, he just have some shops in the market – but he managed to raise us properly (even sent me abroad) and most importantly he had a lot of time for his children. That’s because he works for himself, he set his own worktime, not set by his employer. And now he’s just enjoying his life, mainly just taking care his youngest child (Arif, 4 years old).

But these hasn’t come easily. My mother told me of what he had gone through in his early days – his struggling with his first shops, people cheating on him, how many times he was in the verge of bankruptcy, etc.
He pulled through all of them.

I don’t think I have the strength yet to go through all of those – that’s why I just work for someone else. But I hope one day I could become like my father, and make him proud of me.


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