12 January 2001 — 14.00

Nowadays I saw too many people not very happy with their lives.
I remember that in my parents’ village around 1900-1950 it’s very usual for people to get married on a very young age – 18 years and such. They became established traders usually around the age of 20; not too long then they have their own house, transportation means (bike/horse/cow/car/etc). Life was quite peaceful at that time (except for the fact that we’re being colonialised by the Dutch!)

In comparison, nowadays people usually spend their first 25 years of life getting educated; sometimes even more. Memory of the exams, the bullies, the killer tutors; the nightmare.
Escaped from that (at last!) then they try to find a decent job, which is getting harder to get. And the office sometimes can be their first taste of hell too; killer manager, stabber-in-the-back colleagues, etc.
After that struggle, it’s not too long before they become very heavily in debt as they bought car and house – otherwise they won’t be able to buy it at all for, like, 15 years.
Then, they can start thinking about marriage (if they think about it at all) – but by that time usually it’s rather hard to find your soulmate with you busy all day in the office. And you’re already quite old; 32 – 35 years?
Then (again) to cope with the bills, usually (unless the man have a VERY decent job) both of them will have to work – they’ll find it hard to find quality time for them together.
But, just wait until they started having kids…

And all of those trouble for what?

A lot of people are asking that question. But I’m glad because I have something to hold on. And I’m very thankful to that – otherwise I think I’ll have gone mad by now.


8 thoughts on “12 January 2001 — 14.00

  1. I have this as a personal experience that being happy is in our control. It started when I though of passing 642-373, my first certification exam before proceeding to the 642-845 but hunger continued, with ultimate purpose of getting more lucrative jobs and I finally attempted the 646-363 certification but was still not happy. The I learned the trick to be happy and figured that it was somewhere inside me, I didn’t need any of the certifications for happiness any longer and have lived happily till now.

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