15 January 2001 — 11.30

I bought my mobile phone (Motorola m3788) primarily because it can use AA battery in case its NiMH ran out of juice. And it happened indeed – several times (I’m so forgetful); but I can’t use AA batteries as its replacement, because its too big.
Turned out you gotta buy another battery door that will accommodate those (bigger) AA batteries. That sucks enough, but then I found out that no one carries it in UK – not even Motorola itself. Argh. WTF??

Sarah is getting even more talkative now. And she gets along better with her sister – she’s not as scared as before to her (Sarah is almost as big as Anisah!!) and she can always plant her nails in case Anisah went too far. Or pull her hair. O-u-c-h =)
We gotta find a better glove for those slick little hands!


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