23 January 2001 — 09.40

Our Internet Gateway (running Linux Mandrake v7.2) with the new serial I/O card installed is ok now. Woohoo. With irqtune set up it’s actually faster than before, I simply put the serial port’s IRQ as the highest priority in kernel – voila, smoother and faster (don’t compare it with ISDN though!) Internet access.
What’s more, it’s very easy to setup too. I mean, VERY easy. Highly recommended.
Sarah had started rolling her body now. OhmyGod, now she can easily go anywhere in the room, gotta be more careful 🙂 when she started to walk though the real nightmare will start *grin*

Anisah started to behave even better now, a nice change. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have to be FIRM to our children. Get her attention first (including dragging her to in front of your face when necessary), use short sentences, and show her that you really mean it.
But, being firm doesn’t equal to being mean, or nasty – something that some parent err. We hope we can learn from others and learn very quickly from our past mistakes.


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