22 March 2001 — 23.12

I’ve had enough – this morning I brought Sarah to Emergency section of Birmingham Children Hospital.
To my surprise, they didn’t get mad (like that idiot in City Hospital) and actually understand why I went there instead of trying to get an appointment for her GP (which, I was told, I can have in the next several weeks – by that time Sarah will have no skin left on her body!).
We have some useful discussion and now our confidence are restored that Sarah can be cured. We just need to be persistent and patient with her condition. (well, easy for me to say indeed)

When you’re feeling blue, go to this site.


22 thoughts on “22 March 2001 — 23.12

  1. Another good post, thank you very much!

    Great to hear she doesn’t have it any more, I have eczema and it’s annoying at times.

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