Oldies but goodies

I’m a big fan of old IBM keyboards. The one I’m currently using was manufactured in 1985.
OK, so what’s so special about them ?

Well, they’re tough for starter. Which is very important when you have kids 🙂

Second, they just feel GOOD. I’ve yet to find a modern keyboard with the responsive tactile feel of this oldie. It’s a joy to use.

Third, they just keep on working. As you may have noticed, the one I own is about 20 years old. And I can expect to be able to use it for YEARS to come.

Fourth, they’re dirt cheap. This one cost me only 1 poundsterling !

The downside ? Well, they’re quite hard to find 🙁 so if you’re lucky enough to found one – don’t let it go! Also they’re quite heavy; my friend joked that they’re created to be bulletproof.
And, some may find it a bit noisy, but to me the sound is very satisfying; like a classic typewriter. You just got to hear it for yourself.

Good luck to you in finding one.

5 thoughts on “Oldies but goodies

  1. Kok brisik 🙂 hehe, wong suaranya enak didengar gitu kok. Kalau ekspor ke Indonesia laku gak ya 😉 di pameran2 komputer disini kadang2 masih cukup gampang didapatkan. Hmm.. jadi dapat ide deh.

  2. err… i belive the one you’re using right now is mine? grrrr…pokoknya kalau pulang ntar dani minta lagi ya :p

  3. “finders keepers” 😛 he he, lagian juga gua yang beliin di computer fair pan kalau gak salah ?

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