Stop giving us change, start giving us chance

This website confirmed my suspicion that giving money to beggars actually help them to stay as beggars, makes other interested to become beggars, and making criminals exploiting many of them as money-making machines:

It breaks my heart to see children and even babies are exploited by cruel individuals on the streets 🙁

So, please stop giving them change, and start giving them chance instead.

2 thoughts on “Stop giving us change, start giving us chance

  1. It’s a nice thing to have one more man who cares about the streetkids.

    Met knal yach mas ^^v

  2. Salam kenal juga mas Lilik.

    Kebetulan saya punya anak, jadi kalau lihat anak-anak jalanan itu jadi trenyuh saya, enggak kebayang kalau anak saya yang sedang berdiri di luar situ… tapi sekarang belum bisa ngapa-ngapain, soon hopefully.

    Sukses selalu.

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