Islamic Republic of Iran

I was busy creating an e-commerce website for my friend when I noticed that on the list of the countries there’s one listed “islamic republic of iran”. I was speechless.

Shia / Shi’ite, especially the 12 Imaams sect (which is the majority), is everything but Islam. Their core beliefs contradicts the core beliefs of Islam. For now I’ll just list a few saying from the great early Muslim scholars that refuted their claim as being a Muslim :

Imaam Abu Hanifah

It was reported that often Abu Haneefah used to repeat the following statement about the Shi`ites, “Whoever doubts whether they are disbelievers has himself committed disbelief.”

Imaam al-Shaafi`e

On one occasion al-Shaafi`i said concerning the Shi`ites, “I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Raafidite Shi`ites.” [Ibn Taymeeyah, Minhaaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah, 1/39]

On another occasion he said, “Narrate knowledge from everyone you meet except the Raafidite Shi`ites, because they invent Hadeeths and adopt them as part of their religion.” [Ibid, p. 38]

Imaam Maalik

Once Maalik was asked about them and he replied, “Do not speak to them nor narrate from them, for surely they are liars.” [Minhaaj as-Sunnah, 1/37]

During a class of Imaam Maalik, it was mentioned that the Raafidite Shi`ites curse the Sahaabah. In reply, he quoted the Quranic verse, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are harsh with the disbelievers and gentle among themselves. So that the disbelievers may become enraged with them.”
He then said, “Whoever becomes enraged when the Sahaabah are mentioned is one about whom the verse speaks.”
[Tafseeer al-Qurtubee, Soorah al-Fath; Editor’s note: That is, anyone who is enraged by the mention of the Sahaabah is a dsibeliever, because the verse says, “…the disbelievers may become enraged with them (Sahaabah).”]

Maalik ibn Anas

Imaam Ibn Hazm quoted a report with an isnad going back to Hishaam ibn ‘Ammaar, who said: “I heard Maalik ibn Anas say: “Whoever curses Abu Bakr should be whipped, and whoever curses ‘Aa’ishah should be killed.” He was asked, “Why do you say that concerning (the one who curses) ‘Aa’ishah?” He said, Because Allah says concerning ‘Aa’ishah, (may Allah be pleased with her): “Allah forbids you from it (slander her) and warns you not to repeat the like of it forever, if you are believers.” (al-Noor 24:17)’”

For more information in English, you can read the book titled Mirage in Iran. (Amazon link)

Gotta run, will discuss in more details (much) later.

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