Parenting tips – Never stop learning / adapting

Kids never cease to change. They were babies, then they were cuties, then they start entering nurseries, elementary school, making new friends, expanding their horizon, found bad/good friends, fell in love, and so on.

As their parents we need to constantly adapting ourselves to them.
If we ever stop adapting, then we’ll risk disconnecting ourselves from them. Then before long, you’ll feel like strangers to your kids.

Some people are not really good at adapting. But do please try, for the sake of your children.

On a side note – I swear that I’ve thought about this, but Aa Gym beat me to saying it on the TV 🙂 it’s nice to see that someone agree with you on such important topic.

3 thoughts on “Parenting tips – Never stop learning / adapting

  1. Har, coba baca “7 Habits for Families” author by Covey. Edisi indo sih udah banyak di gramedia. Lumayan bagus….

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