Parenting tips – Learn from your parents’ mistakes

A lot of people hate their parents for what they’ve done to them. Some parents are very cruel to their kids. Some barely recognize they have kids. Some are unable to “connect” with their kids. And so on.

But I think we need to be considerate with them. Now we know that life, as a parent, is harsh. We need to work to get income. Then we need to worry about getting a home for our family, car, education, and other problems. Sometimes, the parents are too busy / stressed, they fail to take care of their kids properly.

I think what is best to do is to make our relationship better with our parents. Then we look at their mistakes, and make sure that we won’t do that to our own kids.

It’s among the easiest way to make ourselves a better parent (surely we don’t want our kids to suffer from the same pains we’ve experienced in the past), so don’t miss it.

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