Learn Linux Admin – the easy way

If you have been wishing to start learning to become a Linux sysadmin (system administrator), but has been put off by the requirements (need to boot to Linux: but VMware to expensive, setting up coLinux too hard for you, etc). there’s an easier way now.

[ LinuxZoo ] gives you a (virtual) server, running Linux, for FREE. You just need to register with them to get it. What’s more, it even gives you tutorials to help you learn, and quizzes to test your newfound knowledge.

Kudos to the LinuxZoo crew for this service.

5 thoughts on “Learn Linux Admin – the easy way

  1. i need to make easy way by using graphic method we have been to show the graphical they can imdterstand easuly

  2. maybe, you could try ubuntu (ubuntulinux.or.id). Ubuntu has server flavor and desktop flavor.

  3. Firefox is getting slower and slower. I’m using Google chrome instead, because I find Firefox slower and it’s affecting my work as a content writer

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