User Mode Linux

I need to run a few more Linux server securely, but haven’t got the extra machines to run it on. VMware tend to slow the virtual servers a bit too much, especially if you’re running a lot of it. So I started to look at [ User Mode Linux ] (UML).

To my surprise, if your existing server runs Debian stable (woody), and you have listed as one of its software repository, then installing UML is as easy as “apt-get install user-mode-linux”. Nice ! 🙂 thanks to (I think) Matt Zimmerman for this. /usr/share/doc/user-mode-linux/README.Debian also has some extra pointers.

This will keep me busy for days for sure. I’ll post any UML-related tutorials here as soon as I have it ready. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “User Mode Linux

  1. hmm, in my experience, linux running under vmware was faster than user mode linux. but that’s several years ago.

  2. It may be still faster, but another problem is stability. Just a few days ago VMware managed to restart the whole server (Fedora Core 3), not good, especially if that’s a live server. And yes, I’ve installed the latest version of VMware. I guess the only way to find out is to try it.

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