Debian Sarge

I just bought Debian woody’s CDs from, and then I noticed that Debian sarge has been supported by Debian’s security team since 3rd of May 2005. Doh πŸ™‚ if I knew that, I’ll buy Sarge CDs instead.

But anyway, personally I feel confident enough to use Debian sarge to run servers, now that it’s supported by the security team and has been frozen / prepared to become the next stable version of Debian.

Some people complained about the long release cycle of Debian. Well, if you run servers, the last thing you want is to stop your server and upgrade it every few months. So I’m perfectly happy with that (of course for desktop I prefer others; like FC3, Ubuntu, etc).
But, now I wrote it, I remember that with OpenBSD, you can (quite) easily upgrade your server to the next stable version. Probably you can do that too with Debian – that would be great. I’ll look around for the instruction.

6 thoughts on “Debian Sarge

  1. Absolutely agree to use stable version for servers. Frequent release cycle can be cumbersome and even a nightmare to upgrade your server.

    So, is that mean that Debian is prefered for servers? πŸ™‚

  2. Well, basically, anything that’s reliable and easy to maintain. Debian happen to fulfill both requirements very well πŸ™‚

    Heard a horror story from other sysadmin – he’s maintaining several servers running OSes which has no automatic update facility. The servers are running obsolete software because he simply hasn’t got the time to update each servers manually everytime there’s a new update released. Once it become very obsolete, then he upgrade them in one go. Took him days of hard work. And quite dangerous (because his servers are running vulnerable software on Internet).

    Sadly, from what I’ve heard, this is quite common actually πŸ™

    So, yeah, [ go Debian ] !

  3. Har, udah coba centos? Gue udah coba yang versi 4, dan stabil banget… Sayang di gudanglinux kaya’nya nggak ada, jd download sendiri πŸ™‚

  4. #3 – ada euy, nih gua barusan beli πŸ™‚ hehe.
    Iya, CentOS itu seperti Debian stable, kalau Fedora itu seperti Debian testing (atau jangan-jangan unstable?) – bleeding edge. Thanks.

  5. betull…..emang debian sarge mantab….bener2 easy to maintain en di main mainin…:D

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