LTSP from Windows

There’s a very easy way to log on to your LTSP server from Windows.
Just follow these instructions :

  • Install [ VNC ] on your Windows workstation
  • Install VNC server on your LTSP server. The easiest way is to install it from your Linux distro’s CD, most major distros now have VNC server package available.
  • Login to your LTSP server.
  • Run the server. For example:

    vncserver :10 -geometry 800×600 -depth 16

    This will make the vncserver to listen on port 5910, giving you a 800×600 screen with 16-bit (65000+) colors

  • If this is the first time you run it, it’ll ask for a password. Enter the password that you want.
    (tip: to later change this password, type vncpasswd)
  • If you connect now, you’ll be presented with a bare screen, because by default VNC will execute twm – instead of showing your server’s desktop.
    To change this: Open file /$HOME/.vnc/xstartup, you’ll see a remark saying “Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop” – so do that, unremark the next 2 lines.
    Save that file.
  • If you connect to yourltspserver:10 from VNC viewer, you’ll be presented with your server’s standard desktop.

OK, so it’s not really connecting per LTSP’s usual way, but it still give you access to your LTSP server 🙂


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