Nokia 9500

After 6 months back in Indonesia, I realize that sometimes I was more mobile than I expected. There have been occasions where bringing my laptop was causing problems.
So I bought a Nokia 9500 Communicator, and fingers crossed this will be of significant help for my work.

First thing’s first – I installed SSH (MidpSSH) pretty much straight away onto it. Installation couldn’t be easier, I just browsed to, and follow it from there. Very nice.

Let’s see how productive I can be with this thing. (not at all ??? 🙂 )

11 thoughts on “Nokia 9500

  1. why not 9300? it’s smaller, faster, and can be opened flat 180 degrees. except if you really need wifi and camera, 9300 wins hands down.

  2. I just *might* need wifi; I don’t know at the moment, but I’d really hate to buy another device if one day I found out that I do need it.

    Camera is a must nowadays, or my kids will beat me into a pulp.

  3. Thanks, just tried it, and it seems better that MidpSSH.

    Also I just found the OPL Runtime for 9500. I wonder if this means that I can install and run those OPL apps now ? I’ll try when I have the chance. For now, I’ve pretty much exhausted all apps available on

    Thanks again.

  4. A few tips for other Nokia 9500 (present/future) owners :

    Open (non proprietary) Push-Email solutions:

    Real life review of Nokia 9500:

    Bugs in 9500 : (note to self – upgrade the firmware!)

    List of freewares:

    Tips & tricks for 9500/9300 :

  5. Recently I’ve buy it. it’s smaller, faster, and can be opened flat in 180 degrees. Except if you really need wifi and camera than it should be your choice.

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