Mac OSX on PC

I remember trying to install Darwin on my PC, but then cancelled the plan when I realized that it’s nowhere like Mac OSX on UI level.

Apprently, now you can install Mac OSX on PC.
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Looks sweet.
But, I’m quite sure that you’ll be pirating if you do this (especially the first step); if you don’t want to be that, I guess you can always buy it first, and then follow the rest of the tutorials.


4 thoughts on “Mac OSX on PC

  1. No! You can not buy Tiger from Apple and run it on x86. Tiger for x86 is not on sale yet.

  2. well yes, technically it should be able to run regular on PCs, but Apple may be planning to implement DRM so that only Apple certified hardware will be able to use OSX.

  3. installing in PC… come oooonn .. get an iBook or Powerbook like me , it’s worth da price!


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