Mac OSX vs Windows ?

Now that it’s clear that Mac OSX will run on even no-brand PCs, I wonder…….. I’m really, VERY curious now — can Apple do what IBM can’t ?

IBM (OS/2) competed with Windows several years ago, to become one of the OS for PC. It failed quite miserably, much to our dismay; since we then fell into the Windows monopoly.

I believe Apple has the creativity, marketing strength, ability to deliver, and – most importantly – the looks 🙂
However, I’m not so sure about the (distribution) channels. Microsoft has been very strong on this one for years.

But, I think this is a win-win opportunity to them: if they failed, they’ll still have their own original market. But if they succeed, the rewards can be significant.

Will Steve Jobs has the guts to open up Mac OSX, and compete directly with Microsoft on its own playing ground (read: PC) ?
I certainly hope so, for I believe that fair competition will only bring good things for us – consumers.

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