On the 15th November 2005, I was involved in a motorcycle accident.

I have finished my work and asked one of my staff to drive me home on the office’s motorcycle. I didn’t expect anything since he’s quite polite and well-mannered.

It started when a bus stopped on our lane. Clearly, this means that there’s another vehicle in front of that bus, most likely will be entering the opposite lane. The bus was giving way to this vehicle.
However, instead of stopping, my driver was pulling the throttle to the max, and he tried to overtook the bus. My heart stopped pounding for a while, and I thought that this would be my last moments on earth.

Thankfully, the vehicle was entering the other lane slowly, and we passed by unharmed. If only that car was going a bit faster, we’d have been dead, or at least severely wounded.

I was just about to shout at this idiot when I saw something else – there’s a girl riding motorbike in front of us, and she’s going to do a right turn.
Unfortunately, my idiot driver, probably still feeling victorious for being able to overtake so many vehicles in one go, again accelerated the bike, and tried to overtake her motorcycle from the RIGHT.

Truly, there’s no limit to human’s stupidity.

I was only able to shout “awas!!” (watch out), and the next thing I know, we were thrown pretty far away from the collision spot.

I was injured on my left arm, left leg, and minor injuries on my right leg.
There are bruises in several places. Also I was unable to use my left leg without feeling sharp pain in it.

Actually, I should suffer worse injuries on my left leg, but I was saved by the PDAir casing that was being used to enclose my Nokia 9500.
The case was badly damaged, many deep scratches and it won’t close anymore. However, my Nokia 9500 escaped the incident with no damage at all. And if it’s not there, then my upper leg would have been torn apart. Thank God.

The girl that he hit was a bit injured. When he was more concerned about my condition, despite me already saying I’m alright, I shouted to him to escort her straight away to the nearest hospital.
Thankfully, she was diagnosed only with minor injuries, and discharged from the hospital before us.

A bit more about this incident later, must rest now.
If you find it hard to contact me this past few days, here’s why. Apologies, hopefully you can understand my current situation.

A few photos:

My injuries : warning, some may find these pictures depressing. Don’t click if you can’t see rather gory images.

Wound on my left arm
Injuries on my left foot
Minor injuries on my right foot

My PDAir case:

The scratches, actually it’s pretty deep. Makes me shudder, when I remember how strong the metal is.
The whole picture
Now it can’t be closed anymore

My left leg took most of the weight when I fell, the trouser was ripped apart. Thankfully, there was the PDAir case behind it, acting like an armor for my leg.

Here’s for PDAir case : Highly recommended !

33 thoughts on “Accident

  1. One word : RIF
    Reason : complete moron and endangering others

  2. Semoga cepat sembuh, Mas Harry..
    Sungguh ceroboh sekali apa yang telah dilakukan oleh teman Mas Harry tersebut. Mudah-mudahan dia bisa memperoleh hikmah dari kecelakaan ini. Syukurlah semua pihak yang terlibat berada dalam keadaan selamat. Alhamdulillah, Allah masih melindungi Mas Harry…

  3. “I was injured on my left arm, left leg.” — so you’re “all right” now ;).
    Cepat sembuh ya. Maafkan daku untuk tidak menemuimu selama lebaran kemaren, dengan alasan yang sama. Sepupuku kena accident, dikirim dalam keadaan tak sadar ke ICU di hari lebaran, dan harus dijagai berhari2, sampai nggak bisa kontak Mas Harry. Again, cepat sembuh yaa.

  4. Mugi-mugi Gusti Alloh maringi sehat lan ngurangi dosa njenengan, kang

  5. Assalamu’alikum Pak Harry,
    Saya baru tahu Pak Harry terkena musibah. Semoga cepat sembuh Pak ya. Mohon maaf belum bisa menengok. Gimana kabar keluarga?

  6. Terimakasih banyak atas semua doanya, alhamdulillah saya sekarang sudah jauh lebih baikan.

    #5 – mudah-mudahan sepupunya mendapat yang terbaik ya mas, Amin.

    #8 – terimakasih banyak atas bantuannya mengantarkan casing PDair tersebut kepada saya 🙂 alhamdulillah, benda tersebut sudah sangat bermanfaat bagi saya. Salam untuk keluarga dari kami.

  7. I would really agree that there are no limits for stupidity of some drivers. They do care just about themselves on the road or in other words about their own extreme emotions and their survival value.

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