CIA henchmen behind Indonesian bombings

My father happened to watch a local TV station, Metro TV. It was interviewing somebody with his face blurred.

Apparently, this guy confessed that he has been paid by CIA to do terrors in Indonesia.
He has since mend his ways, and agreed to speak up to Metro TV.

What really saddened me is how people will do terrible things for so little – that guy did what CIA told him for US$ 500, $700. US$ 1500 is tops.
CIA is definitely having it really easy here in Indonesia.

If anyone else watched the interview as well, please do comment and share your impression of it.

I still feel uneasy over this.

3 thoughts on “CIA henchmen behind Indonesian bombings

  1. I still don’t believe of what he said, because, he was on tv. The police should catch him right now, or jus sue metro tv for hiding terrorist.

    If it’s true, I don’t think CIA would so stupid to say ” HI I CIA Agent”.
    This is real world not movie.

    I trust everyone, it’s the devil inside them i don’t trust
    (italian job)

  2. I watched it last night, that was the 2nd part( i didn’t see the 1st part). Still don’t belive it. It just too `simple` and didn’t make any sense to me. The payment, it’s too little compare to the risk and if i’m not mistaken(i read it while reading BGP case study :p), he didn’t do bombing, he just paid by guy so-called `paman`(he said that the guy is CIA’s agent) to meet Umar patek,one of the most wanted guy by the Polri, gain his trust, and sent any information he got to so-called `paman`. But still, what confused me, if this info is true, what BIN/Polri do all these times??

  3. #1 – about suing : that’s great, more reason not to blow the whistle.

    If it’s true, I don’t think CIA would so stupid to say ” HI I CIA Agent”.
    This is real world not movie.

    The fact is, somebody says so. Now, it’s not logical to dismiss that just because “I don’t think so” – unless, you can read people’s mind.

    The right thing is to follow this up – find out if that’s true. If not, jail the guy for wasting police’s time. If yes, then US gov’t got a lot of explaining to do.

    Anyway, he’s not the CIA agent (the one paid good money, very skilled, etc), he’s just the henchman.

    #2 – “what BIN (Indonesian Intelligent Agency) do all this time?”, good question.
    Anyway, there were news that some of their top officials were in CIA’s payroll.

    Indonesia gov’t really need to follow this up.

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