Old Browser ? Ha !

This afternoon I was on a client site on a project. I had a chance for quick break. So instead of reopening my laptop again, I just popped my Nokia 9500, and started reading the latest news.

I was doing this smoothly, until I tried to visit an article on ABC News. It complained that I’m using an OLD browser, and I should really, REALLY upgrade it.
Ha ha 🙂

I wonder who’s the designer of their website ? Probably they live in a hole on a remote island somewhere near Timbuktu. So they’re not aware that more and more people nowadays own a smartphone; and many of them have started to access the Internet from it.

For comparison; when I was working on my previous company’s website, among the requirements was making the website accessible to ANYONE. This includes the disabled, user with ancient browser, PDA / mobile users, and so on.
This is not some Fortune 500 company that I’m talking about, it’s just a public institution; which usually stereotyped as being totally incompetent on IT.
However, on this particular case, it’s so spectacularly on reverse.

Needless to say, I cancelled my visit to ABC News. Wonder how many have done the same, and instead went to their (non-discriminating) competitors ?

5 thoughts on “Old Browser ? Ha !

  1. bisa minta tips en trik untuk membuat situs yg handheld friendly? so far i’ve always try sticking to the standards, tapi apa itu udah cukup?

    I’ve learned from some of the books i’ve red, building standards compliant sites also means building sites that are accessible. kyknya buat beberapa kasus sih bener, tapi apa juga begitu kalo hubungannya sama handheld devices?

  2. #2 – yang paling jitu adalah dengan memeriksa langsung hasilnya di masing-masing browser di masing-masing platform.
    Tapi ini, tentu saja, sangat memakan waktu. Mungkin situs seperti Browsershots.org bisa sedikit membantu.

    Dari pengalaman saya, yang lebih praktis mungkin adalah dengan membuat “text-version” dari situs kita. Ini biasanya langsung membuat situs kita nyaris 100% accessible oleh siapa saja.

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