Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server @ VPC 2004

Just tried installing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake) on Virtual PC 2004, and the installation screen was messed up. It shown only a portion of the installation screen.
Here’s how to fix it:

1. When booting up from the CD, you’ll see a menu. Press ESC there, where it’ll tell you that you’re about to switch to text-mode. Choose OK

2. You’ll see a prompt like this : boot:

3. To continue, just type this: install debian-installer/framebuffer=false

4. Press Enter, and the screen should show up OK on VirtualPC 2004.

So far so good. Hope it helps.

note: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server doesn’t install a GUI desktop (gnome/kde). If you need it, just type : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
(need internet access and properly set-up /etc/apt/sources.list file)

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  1. Hello,

    I did the same thing in a different way. When booting from cd you can press F4 to change the resolution. Instead of VGA, I did choose 640x480x32.

    So far so good, the installation went fine, but when the installation was done and the system booted for the first time the resolution was again in VGA mode.

    I googled a bit, but every body is talking about editing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but this file is not on my system because it’s a server without a desktop manager. How can I resolve this?

  2. Bart – sorry just managed to spot your comment now; well done.

    Daisy looks pretty sweet indeed.

  3. How about installing Edubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) on VPC 2004? Well, actually I’m about to give it a shot on my wife’s notebook. Why on VPC? Euhm… as I said before, this is my wife’s notebook 😀

    Let you know the result soon, hopefully…

  4. If you have already installed Ubuntu in server mode, here is how to fix the video problem without going through the reinstall:
    1. Reboot
    2. On the grub prompt, hit Esc
    3. Choose recovery mode boot
    4. When you have access to the CLI, go to /boot/grub and edit menu.lst
    5. Look for the default entry and remove from the kernel line the “splash” word
    6. Save, reboot and enjoy.

  5. Finally gotten it all right, reading from the discussions. Thanks heaps people!

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