We have moved

I’ve moved sufehmi.com to a new server at dreamhost.com

Everything looks pretty sweet, though email is still down. But once the new DNS records has been propagated properly, it should be ok – probably in about 12 hours.

There are so many information to share, things to do; but couldn’t be done on my old server. Now it’s been moved to the new one, I can start rearranging stuff around here, so it’ll become more useful (and more pleasant to look at as well).

Here’s hoping that dreamhost will stabilize soon 😀

3 thoughts on “We have moved

  1. dreamhost akhirnya jadi stabil juga 😀 setelah bermasalah sejak 15 Juli, sampai dengan 28 Juli – 13 hari, wow. Syukurlah sekarang sudah menjadi cepat kembali.

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