Expats are miserable in Indonesia…. ?

After reading countless complaints from Indonesian about discriminations against them over their expat counterparts (eg: same skill level, but the expats got paid like 5x, etc), I can’t believe that there are expats who are still complaining that their live in Indonesia is miserable 🙂

Holy Batman… you got paid in USD, spend in the cheap Rupiah, with Indonesians admiring your white skin – and you’re still complaining ?
Some people are just impossible to please 😀

I was an expat too, and I’ve had it worse. I’m quite sure that most expats are having it (way) better in Indonesia.
We also had our share of racial abuse. It seems that all races are capable of racism and xenophobia.
But we’re grateful with what we have.

So come on guys, think positive, then your life will be better. You did that to yourself.

I just hope Treespotter won’t get any backlash from all this, but he seems to be a very capable guy. So no worries here 🙂

8 thoughts on “Expats are miserable in Indonesia…. ?

  1. Kok “she” ?
    Bukannya “he” ?

    Read between the lines *all* his previous posts 🙂

  2. yay, mosok sih ? gua quote dari sini :

    PS: If i sound grumpy it’s likely because i’m pregnant (see post from last week).

    /me sedang membaca posting2 treespotter lainnya

  3. I read that too. I think what happened is very human: human tends to complain nomatter how good their situation is compared to others. I met many expat who seemed to complain a lot and I met many who did not complain as well, be grateful and made the best things out of everything. Same as Indonesian. There are those who complain, and those who don’t. 🙂

  4. how could these bullying overpaid immigrants complain about life here, if they get it better than us and they have the freedom to go back to their own countries.

    i thank treespotter for provoking them (indcoup, greenstump, etc) on the topic. if it were us providing the topic, these white trash lowlifes would dismiss as racism and continue whining about having to pay extra 1 thousand in their 1 billion rupiah cars.

  5. andry/fatih – reading his previous posts, indeed he seems to be he 🙂 or, he’s actually a lesbian. but to be safe, I’ve edited my post to show him as a he, he he

    shine – you’re indeed correct.

    However, it did irked me when an expat got a higher price (because he’s bule[read: different]) and then proceeded to accuses us as racist.
    I’ll got higher prices too if I’m different – eg: dressed flamboyantly, etc. That’s not racism – it’s simply people taking an opportunity. And to think that I was thinking of the writer as a more enlightened one. Oh well, people make mistakes I guess.

    tanzil – hopefully they’re just viewing things from a smaller sets of perspectives. I think most of them will change their view once they read Treespotter’s excellent post (or, for some cases, not).

  6. “these white trash lowlifes”

    Tsk Tsk. Tanzil ..nasty and ignorant all in one package

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