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Wikipedia is a novel project. An effort to build an encyclopedia, which content is contributed by anyone willing to do so. The content then will be examined by anyone as well, and anyone may have their say regarding whether a specific content is appropriate or not. A form of the true democracy indeed.

When I first experienced the Internet back on 1996, I thought, wouldn’t it be great, if this (the Internet) can be used to pool our collective knowledge ? With Wikipedia (among others), the idea became a reality.

Even better – Indonesian Wikipedia has shown up for some time now. It’s the same Wikipedia too, built by Indonesian people, for Indonesian, in Indonesian language.
The amount of its contents has reached about 1000 MB (this is just the texts, not yet including pictures). This is quite an accomplishment and we should salute all of the contributotors of the project.

However, there’s one problem – the server (Indonesian Wikipedia) is located abroad. Due to limited external bandwidth, most of the time, access to this encyclopedia can be painfully slow.
Also there has been ideas to compile an offline version of it, which then can be distributed to schools and anyone who may need it. This would be rather troublesome with the current situation.

Thanks to efforts, we can now enjoy Indonesian Wikipedia at blisteringly fast speed. This mirror will be updated roughly every week.

Note that the mirror is read-only. Which means if you wish to contribute to Wikipedia, then you’ll need to go to its main server.

Information is now not only free, but also can be obtained speedily. Thanks to everyone involved.

[Mirror of Indonesian Wikipedia ]

18 thoughts on “Indonesian Wikipedia

  1. dhika – this is the chance for you to have your say about your city 🙂 go there and write it out.
    ben – when you’re visiting Jakarta, do try your xplor internet again. you may find it faster than in Surabaya (I’m curious too)

  2. Keep up the great posts. It’s always good to hear about the Indonesian versions of popular sites and i’m glad Wikipedia has boosted its speed for Indonesian language users.

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