Blogging in English

Just would like to say “well done” to Fatih Syuhud for his excellent post about why we should blog (more) in English.
I especially like point #6, this is after reading far too many news / article written by outside journalists but with very little information on Indonesia. I can’t blame them because sometimes the article was written in good intention, only lacking in in-depth information. We can only blame ourselves in that case I think.

Note that you don’t have to blog 100% in English. Create a special category (I just created “In English” and “Indonesiana” category), and post more in English, that’d be already much better.

So here again kudos to Fatih, and hope a lot of people will follow.

14 thoughts on “Blogging in English

  1. Agree!

    We need more Indonesian bloggers who want to blog in english in order to represent our lovely country to the world. There are many interesting topics from many interesting fields about Indonesia which interesting to write.

    Let’s colour the world of blogosphere!

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