Quicklinks: PageRank info & Webmaster resources

The most comprehensive list on PageRank’s DO ‘s / DONT’s I’ve ever found :
[ Google Ranking Factors ]

Note that at the end of the day, content is still king – when you’ve got excellent content, high PageRank will usually be yours automatically. But when that’s not the case, that article above may help you to find out what you did wrong.

For Webmasters :
[ Icons, Buttons, and Badges For Your Website ]

Lorelle’s website also contains other top notch articles / tutorials – please make sure that you have some time to spare before clicking on the link above.

[ ColorSchemer.com ] – a valuable help when you’re doing a design/graphic work. ColorSchemer helps you to choose the right color scheme – just pick a color, then ColorSchemer will suggest other matching colors for that.
Very useful.


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