5 Movies for the Bubble child

Let’s pretend that recently there’s a bubble child just stepped on our world, finally able to get out from its plastic prison thanks to its body’s immunity system recovery.
Having lived all his live in isolation, you’re asked to choose 5 movies to show to him which will quickly get him to understand the world he’s in now.

Which movies will you choose ?

Here’s my list :

  1. Living with hunger : If you have easy access to food & clean water, you’re actually a minority on earth.
  2. The Insider : Mega corporations are indeed abusing us.
  3. Erin Brockovich : to realize the most important fact about legal system in most countries – they are not siding with the weak and poor.
  4. V for Vendetta : The government doesn’t always work in your best interests.
  5. Kingdom of Heaven : it IS possible for various religions / races / skin colours to live together in peace and harmony.

What’s your list ?

Thanks to Stephen Booth for the idea.

3 thoughts on “5 Movies for the Bubble child

  1. 1. La Vita e Bella (life is beautiful) : depends from which side you look into.
    2. Crash : never judge people from the way he/she look. (don’t judge the book from it’s cover)
    3. Innocent Voices : most children in countries with conflict are become the weapon.
    4. Elephant : gun only turn human into monters.
    5. Turtle Can Fly : children will always need love and protection from their parents.

    Since this movie is for children, then I need to find the films that put children as the main character or at least there are young actor/actress play in that film.

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